Tenant Representation

Our Partners

Offering a full-service retail brokerage platform , Palo Duro Commercial Partners helps clients analyze and predict market trends, identify favorable locations, and manage multiple, transactions across markets all while maintaining a result oriented and client first approach to our profession. We are always challenging our TEAM to employ the best available GIS/Research software and mapping tools and presentation materials, while leveraging our strong market knowledge and longstanding relationships with key stakeholders throughout the industry.

Since 2005, our goal in representing retailers has been to help our clients secure, profitable locations in a timely manner all while leveraging their resources and capital expenditures wisely. As a result of this disciplined approach, we have maintained many client relationships over 15+ years and have had the privilege of working with clients at various companies throughout their careers. In addition, we have been referred significant business through industry relationships for which we are very proud and honored to have maintained all this time. Areas of tenant representation expertise include:

  • Market Analysis

  • Real estate strategy planning (including Market roll-outs)

  • Letter-of-Intent Negotiations (“LOI”)

  • Site Tours (mapping, demographic and market deliverables)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement Negotiations (“PSA”)

  • Real Estate Committee Presentations (“REC”)

  • Due Diligence

  • Economic Modeling

  • Comparable & Trends Comparisons

  • Infrastructure Analysis (water, sewer, drainage and roadways)

  • Build Out Cost Analysis

  • Deal Flow Tracking

  • Relocation Strategy